27 April 2016

Last post

This is the last post on Hirondelle Dessin. Thank you for following and for your feedback and comments! I really appreciated it.

My new project combines all my interests: illustration, cooking, persian cuisine & culture.

If you would like to follow my new project,
you can do so on Instagram and on my new blog Madame Ziba

See you there!

15 November 2015

Illustration Friday: animal(s)

Peaceful birds flying over a flower field. 
My contribution in this heavy weekend.

8 November 2015

Tree house

I started this painting without a plan. Usually I have a global picture in my mind. I started with a small house. I didn't really like it, so I added the tree and then then the background and the coloured leaves. Finally I added the yellow sky to make it sunny!
Have a sunny day!

5 October 2015

Watercolor experiment

I was playing with watercolors and salt and this is the result!
Have a nice week and enjoy the autumn colors!

17 September 2015

Illustration Friday: Villain

Not all witches are villain, don't you think?

5 September 2015

Illustration Friday: Old

These turtles maybe aren't that old yet. They are still smiling while they are working!

It is like autumn has already started here. I enjoy painting when it is raining outside. 

Have a nice weekend!

15 August 2015

Illustration Friday: Home is where the heart is

This little sheep can sleep everywhere,
as long as he brings his cosy home!

29 June 2015

Little poetry house

I made this little house for my mum. The poem is witten by the Belgian poet Leonard Nolens.
It is about keeping calm and letting go.

It is hard to translate poems. Maybe I will give it a try later!

Have a nice and sunny week!

18 May 2015

Illustration Friday: pet

Personally I don't like pets very much. But we have a black bird that comes back to our garden all the time and she even makes nests.

Have a nice week!

16 April 2015

Little garden

Spring has begun. Time to work in the garden!

My garden doesn't have flowering plants yet. Maybe that's why I liked to paint them.

I tried to use soft colours this time. What do you think? I want to try some different things. Usually I like to use very bright and strong colours.